Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Corner View- One Color, RED

It was a fun day at *Minna no Ie no Matsuri* (*Festival at the House of Everyone*).
The colors were changing and magnificently
made Santa`s RED stand out, and glisten in the sun.
The skirts of the children playing taiko drums
echoed that very same RED.
Look at her smile!
I even got a dance with SANTA,
and there he is taking a break to listen to some of the fine music
that played throughout the day.

Santa taking a break as My Satellite Key (My Saty) gets ready on stage

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Thank you Francesca for hosting, Jane for founding, and Heather for the theme.…this weeks theme is One Color 

ai♡ kawarazu

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Corner View-One Song--They That Wait(主を待ち望む者) by Ron Brown


Arigatoo, Lord!

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Thank you Francesca for hosting, Jane for founding, and IBABE for the theme.…this weeks theme is One Song  

ai kawarazu

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Corner View--In my room, Home, and a Rainbow Throne

In my room at home
I have a rainbow throne. 
I like to sit facing there quietly in the morning and in the evening when I am alone.  To make a prayer and connect with God, ask to know his heart and to learn to know him better. 
I listen to music or dance
but my room is small and lately
I found a room outside my home where I sometimes bring
 the rainbow throne.

(A friend can join too!)
Maybe because of the mirrors and the ballet bar,
I feel like a child in my heart when I go there.
Enjoy a glimpse in the video below. 
 The song is called HOME by a musician named Sam Ock whose songs are about Love and his personal journey of connection to God (thank you to my nephew who introduced me to this music in his car one day!).

Can you sense how it connects with this week`s Corner View Theme of `What I do when I am alone at home`in a chain of free associations from my week(s)! Happy Corner View,
Thank you Francesca for hosting, Jane for founding, and IBABE for the theme.…this weeks theme is what I do when I am alone  at HOME  

Thank you Venus!
ai♡ kawarazu

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Corner View--One Book--A story for Ibabe

This morning  I noticed today`s Corner View theme is `One Book`, and that it was chosen by Ibabe in Spain.   Always with Ibabe, new connections arise, so although I have been away from Corner View for a little while, I heard it as a call back to join in.  I knew there would be an adventure in store today. 

For ONE BOOK, right away I decided to post this book---
The Bible.
My Bible is a monogrammed FaithGirlz Backback Bible. 
Here you can see it has a JGY monogram in silver and the leatherette cover is my very favorite Tomare Pink.

Lately  I carry my bible everywhere in my lavender butterfly patterned backpack.  Today I was having a lunch break by the river.  Reading some Psalms while drinking 7-Eleven coffee, watching the soft waves of the river rolling by, when a man came up to me.  He saw me from behind and thought I was a boy fishing.  "Are you fishing?",  he asked.

I couldn`t help but enjoy a smile at the question as I was reading the bible by the river and mistaken for a fisherman!

One Book, PART2

As I drank coffee, I chatted with the man.  When he left, another man came by and thought I was a fisherman!!   He even asked if I wanted to do some fishing, he would go and get his gear.  I said thank you, I was on my way but maybe another time.

 I danced a little, and then continued on to my next stop.  When on the way, I saw a ginko tree and thought of Ibabe, as ginko trees, especially in this season with their beautiful changing colors, are our special connection.


Just then, my eyes spotted something shiny on the ground.  I stopped and got off my bike, and there just below the gingo tree was this charm...yes!  Surely it was connecting me again and deeper with you Ibabe!! One Book!!

From the charm was dangling ONE shiny BOOK and it was beneath a Ginko Tree!!

Then a sign that read `Insatsu` in red letters caught my attention, as I noticed the place where the charm was dropped was in front of a little  Printer`s shop.   It seemed to be another connection to Ibabe and to her choice of One Book. I picked up the charm, walked inside and saw this old fashioned letterpress machine, something that you would love Ibabe!!  I savored the atmosphere for you and looked at some of the letterpress samples before saying goodbye to the nice woman printer.

In-satsu in Japanese means Printer
The letterpress machine in the printers small shop

I carried  the shiny ONE BOOK charm around with me all day in my backpack,  but I realized at the end of the day I  ought to bring it back.  Maybe a child or teenager lost it and would be missing it, and would be coming back to look for it.

 Perfectly as I rode to return it, the moon was just rising.


I stopped once more by the river, and danced a dance to Ibabe with the little  book charm and the moon, feeling grateful for the story of today.  The moon glistened on the river, the river was silver as the charm sparkled in the early moon light.  I felt a connection to the Living Word of the bible that I was reading this morning, as a light of Love seemed to envelope the meeting with the little silver book.

Finally I returned the charm to the ginko tree beneath the full moon.   I spun around to see the orange glow of the sunset to the west, the moon rising higher to the east, the little charm near the earth, and the first stars coming up.  I knew that somehow Ibabe was there with me all day, even though we are countries apart, and I felt a deep gratitude for all of our Corner View connections and today`s journey.

The charm on the trunk of the ginko tree, beneath the full moon!
 For more ONE BOOK, visit Corner View starting with host Francesca in Italy, founder Jane in Spain, and of course, Ibabe in Spain!!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Keeper of my Wings--by John Fluker

I just made and uploaded this video to share a beautiful song by John Fluker.
I recently had the chance to hear his spirit-filled music (John Fluker and Ron Brown) LIVE  at a small church near Mt. Aso, in Kumamoto,  a bit of a journey from here. 

I followed this butterfly who sent me to hear it!!


 Love and peace be with you,

 ai♡ kawarazu

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Butterfly Brings

Butterfly in you
my new life begins.

Thanks to you butterfly
Christ has given me wings.

sent by our only one

For from you Butterfly,
Gods holy word

ai ♡ kawarazu

Thursday, October 9, 2014

A second story of a Butterfly meeting


The story of my love for the tiger chestnut butterfly continues.
I know some of you will be happy to hear that!

A little background about the Tiger Chestnut butterflies.
They are called Asagimadera アサギマデラ  in Japanese.
These migratory butterflies leave from their `home` in Okinawa every year in the spring and travel north making stops in different places in Japan on their way north to Hokkaido where they spend the hot summer months.

One of their stopping places is here in Oita.  They stop on an island called Himeshima, where they can find fujibakama, a flower whose scent they adore.  So I made a trip with a friend in the spring to Himeshima where I heard you can see hundreds of these butterflies during their migration.  It turned out they had just left the day we got there, but I was lucky to see ONE tiger chestnut butterfly who for some reason lagged behind.  I sensed some kind of destiny as if he or she remained just so I could see her!!  (why else would just ONE remain?!)

It was a beautiful day that day on Himeshima, and I wasn`t disappointed that the 100`s of butterflies had flown away, as I was just so happy to have seen that one.  I decided though that I would return in the fall to try again to see the migration when they return to the south and stop here in Oita again.

Fast forward to today.  I was with two friends on a day trip to visit a shrine in Kagoshima, a 3 hour drive from where I live, nothing to do with butterflies.  We got a little lost and my friend pulled into a Daily Yamazaki convenience store to confirm the location of the shrine we were headed for. 


I noticed something unusual on the outside of the convenience store, there was a poster with a big picture of an Asagimadera butterfly, with words that said that this type of migratory butterflies have been known to come to this store.  I must say it seemed a little unusual, almost as if the poster was there for me! is a photo of the poster that attracted me:


I don`t think any of my friends noticed it, and I saw it as some kind of message, to remind me that it was that time of year when the  butterflies will be coming this way again.  An unexpected surprise to see such a poster at all, and seeing it on the outside of a convenience store on this road that we stopped for directions was a little like seeing something out of a dream made for me. 

Before we got back in the car, I noticed a TOMARE on the road, so I asked my friends if they wouldn`t mind if I just STOPPED there for a bit.  As you know I like to stop on Tomares whenever I see one!!  THen the amazing thing happened.  As I was standing on the TOMARE a real live Asagimadera flew right in front of my eyes!!  I couldn`t believe my eyes, yet I was SURE it was an Asagimadera.  I tried to follow her but she flew out of view.  

when I stopped on a tomare, the amazing thing happened!  An asagimadera butterfly flew right in front of my eyes!!

I ran in and told the shopkeeper, as I knew from the poster that she would be interested to know this.  She said, wow, that is the first one that anyone has spotted this fall!  They must be returning to Oita!
She asked if it was still there and I said no, but then when we were going to get back in the car, I saw it again, and I screamed for joy, and started flying around with her (yes, the butterfuly) and danced with her in the parking lot.  It was wonderful.   I screamed to my friends to go and tell the shopkeeper!

The shopkeeper came out and everyone was thrilled and we all took pictures and I continued to dance with the Asagimadera.

I had seen the last one of the butterflies in the spring, and the first one to return in the fall.
I feel a completeness in this cycle, and perhaps this year is not my year to see the hundreds,
but rather to be fully grateful for the chance to meet that spectacular ONE!!

ai♡ kawarazu 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Corner View--Rock and Contrast --in progress!

Tremble, earth, at the presence of the Lord...
who turned the rock into a pool,
the hard rock into springs of water.
Psalm 114:7-8

Combining two weeks of Corner View, (themes of `contrast` and `rock`)

I wrote Post in Progress, as I too am in Progress!
Lots of Love, and Hope to see you soon!!

Hi around the world to friends near and far, and to all at Corner View!
Thank you Francesca for hosting, Jane for founding


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Japan--rhymes with lamb! Drawing Challenge(D)

rhymes with
and sometimes

There`s A drawing challenge at Nadine`s ♥heart-full place this weekend.  
The theme is Japan.  As Japan is one of my favourite countries that starts with a `J` (and where I live too:)),  I decided to take the challenge, and  my little Lamb and I came up with the above!

The photos are taken at Haneda airport, in Tokyo,  The little lamb who I brought back from my travels this summer to America, and I were watching the planes and the passing clouds, while waiting for our plane to Oita .

 The clouds looked fluffy like the lamb and in the drawing they became in the shape of the map of Japan!

`  I once had a fixed image of what I thought Japan to be.  And that image has disappeared or floated away like passing clouds…shebang!

And for you all who came all the way here to JAPAN to see my drawing, Here is a little song for you In honour of the theme and drawing, Japan, and …lambs!

ai♡ baa♡ kawarazu

Please visit the drawing challengers this week for a special view of JAPAN drawn from around the world. Thank you for the chance to join in !  patriceveronicajoannestefaniebarbaratanïasusannearianesabinekristenrobertoericleenatammiesustomoko,manoyoko, j-girl☺,

For more of  JAPAN, please visit my Joanne`s Dance Walk Japan channel on You tube!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Central Park Dance Walk Joanne and Michiru

This summer on my first day of a visit to New York City I met a friend from Fukuoka, Japan who was on her last day of a trip in New York City.  We had hoped to be able to meet and it just worked out that we could.  Michiru is a butoh dancer *.  Butoh is an expressive form of Japanese dance that has no rules or fixed form.  We decided to do a `dance walk` together while we were both in New York, and this is what resulted.  It became combination of butoh and dance walk, as we each responded to each others movements and to the monument in Central Park that is called Cleopatra`s Needle.  We had the idea to go near Cleopatras needle, and when we got in viewing distance of it we saw that it is under construction.  The `dance` became our experience of stopping there at that spot.  Can you sense a dialogue between us and the monument?  Please enjoy the video, ( there are some funny and splendid moments!*) and our new form of expression in our Central Park Dance Walk!**

How has your summer been?  Happy to `see` you again after a bit of a hiatus!  Enjoy the last days of August in whatever season you are in.

**filmed by KenYa,
thank you Michiru (*Michiru`s Butoh Movement improvisation can be found HERE) and thank you KenYa!

Please join me for a dance walk in Japan, let me know where you would like to meet! or visit my Joanne`s Dance Walk Japan channel on You tube!!
ai♡ kawarazu  

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