Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Corner View--Sunshine!

It was a fine day for Earth Day!  Thank you Lord!  The earth and all of creation was sparkling in the sunshine.  My workshop booth was called `Treasure Hunt.  Even before I was officially set up , children came and made crowns.  We soon found that they themselves are the treasures!  More and more `treasure` was revealed throughout the day and in the kindness and support of all of YOU!!  My original plan was to go into the park to look for treasure, but so much treasure just came right to me that I didn`t even have to look for it!
Then a great miracle was that, this year I was on the program to do Happy Dance to My Satellite Key`s guitar music, but an hour before our `stage` time, I still didn`t have a team and I needed at least 6 people to hold three long billow cloths that I planned to use to make the dance.  So a new friend Michi and her family and I and one volunteer set out to do it with one cloth, and went to practice in a quiet place on a grassy slope under the trees.  Then one `angel` saw us and understood that we needed more people for our team, and he kept going down into the park and bringing us up more and more people, so about 15 minutes before our `stage` time (the stage was actually a big circle of grass in the middle of the park), we had a great young team of about 12 people to start  out with!!  At last, and as we were the last act of the day, we could dance a Happy Dance to the beautiful songs played live by My Saty (Oita-based musician My Satellite Key) and wave the colored flags and have children run under the colorful banners as the newly created team raised them up to the sky!!

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The theme comes from Susanna.
To hear the songs played by My Satellite Key, you can listen here:!
Sprinklerスプリンクラー・My Satellite Key
Under the Rainbow(My Satellite Key)
White Spaceship白い飛行船/My Satellite Key
Glory Bridge栄光の架け橋(ゆず)・マイサテ&埋野ヒロカズ

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Sunday, May 10, 2015


After the gathering (see post below), I walked outside and there were many stalls set up selling Kobe foods and specialties, like an outdoor street festival.  I was heading back to the train home and didn`t want to load up on anything, and also was feeling so satisfied and `full` from the worship at the gathering, so I was just enjoying looking at the stalls and the colorful lively mood as I passed.  But one stall caught my attention completely and made me stall, to look at a man holding two giant GOBO! Gobo is Japanese burdock root.  Gobo is also grown where I live, so it wasn`t like I had to have Kobe Gobe in particular, but the two gobo were so big and earthy and they really did just root me in that place as I stared. The man was advertising his booth which made Gobo Stix (like french fries, made with Gobo).  He was selling them in small cups.  He asked if I`d like to buy Gobo Stix.  I said that I was interested in the Gobo, the root vegetables themselves that he was holding!  It seemed he wasn`t really having them for sale, but rather to advertise his raw ingredients, but he saw I was interested and asked did I really want to take them back to Oita, and I said I did, so he said, well, he thinks he could sell them for 400 yen (about four dollars).

So although I didn`t want to load up, here I was with two giant gobo on the way to get my suitcase from the hotel and head off to the train.  As I was holding them I smelled the earth and felt God wanted me to have them for some reason, maybe a blessing for the days at the gathering and an expression of bounty of the earth.  But then as I held them on the subway and then with my suitcase, I realized something else.  These are ROOTS, two roots.  At the gathering, there was talk of the Japanese people leading the nations of the world back to Israel as part of God`s plan for Japan. (yes! isn`t it exciting!).  I then realized God was showing me something about my roots with these gobo.

The two roots that I was holding represented my two roots, one my Jewish roots and one my new Christian identity which is rooted in Japan as I was baptized here on Japan soil one year ago!! How exciting that was to me, that I had a true Japanese roots in God`s eyes, and how they now were a part of me as were my Jewish roots which I tried to go away from when I came to Japan, but I was now brought back to them and to God through Christ.  I felt like a child, just smelling the earth and holding those roots, with this new understanding of where I came from and where I am now.  I rode the train and propped the  gobo in front of me, as the bullet train whisshed me back to Oita.  Tonight we are just finishing the last of the gobo, my daughter and I.  Gochisoosamadeshita!! (They were delicious).

(I am sorry to not have taken a photo of the booths outside where I saw the Gobo; I hadn`t realized that I would make such a big discovery with them!! but above are some photos of the gobo on my travels once I realized, and the drawing I made on the shinkansen back to Oita!)

ai kawarazu 
jgy                           & a Happy Mother`s day today!!

PS Here is a recipe I made twice it was so good!! Use `chunks` keeping the gobo thickly cut so you really taste the rootiness!!enjoy!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Corner View---Somewhere Else


Kobe, written in Japanese
 神(God) + 戸 (door)
God`s Door

It was my first time to go to Kobe city.  
Taking a shinkansen in Japan really makes you feel like you arrive `somewhere else` as the bullet train just whishes you such a long distance in no time at all from place to place.
Then, the purpose of my visit  to Kobe was truly to be here as
God opens the Door of Japan to his Kingdom,
 in a gathering of people from 24 nations, including many from Asia.
Children were blowing shofars, 
everyone was dancing, a beautiful worship team was singing, 

the flag of Israel and rainbow banners were waving,
all the messages were translated in three languages, and leaders were hugging and kissing on the stage---which is not the norm in Japan in a public event---so it truly had the feeling of somewhere else, as the Holy Spirit led the 3 days of the Kobe Homecoming Gathering, and the whole convention center was joined together as one big family!! 

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Corner View--Mix and Match

1.  Mix the dough

2.  Match the colors

3.  Enjoy a batch
   of rainbow cookies!!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Corner View--Bright!

They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway!
It`s true!
These photos are from a night on the town with my daughter Y.  She surprised my family on a recent trip to NY.
She wasn`t going to come to NY with me this time, but as it was an important time for our family,--- my mom has just moved to a live-in care facility for Alzheimers and out of her NYC apartment,---Y changed her mind as her heart told her that it was time to see her grandmother Jane.

Y took the plane by herself a few days after me, and we decided to surprise my family--- they thought it was only me that was coming!!  I went to pick her up at JFK, telling the story to my family that I`d be meeting a friend.  Y got off the plane and I had made a little paper sign, that said ` we did it!!, no one knows!!`!  We decided to celebrate our victory--and her independence of coming all the way from Oita by herself--- by spending a night in NYC before going to my mom`s new care home in Long Island.

Y asked where we are staying, and I said I don`t know!  So the adventure began.  She wanted to go to midtown since we might just be in the city this one night.  We took the air train and subway and got off right in the center of NY, and looked up to find our Hotel.  We saw a few, and decided on the one close to the `HOPE` sculpture.  We said we`d stay there if the price was right and amazingly we got a decent price and stayed at the Manhattan Times Square.  We dropped Y`s bags and went out on the town.

  1. Photo by Y, NY night light!

2.Photo by Y, we got into the `Heart` on a famous Times Square billboard, where if you stand in a certain place you get to be right into the center of a heart, I think its advertising for Revlon.  It was a fun thrill to get right into the center of the heart!

3. Y noticed a group was gathered and she said she thought they were my kind of group! It was true, they were doing worship songs and praising Jesus!! A really nice group and they handed me some flags to dance with.   I even got to do a little flag dance with the statue of Liberty!!

4.  When I looked out the window of our hotel when we returned at night there was a wonderful sign that said GOD IS. It lit up our view!!! It turned out the hotel we stayed out was just across from the Times Square Church!! And it was Easter night!! So as a follow up to the post below, I went out in my Easter dress to the eventing service and felt the bright light of God illuminating a huge theatre filled with worshippers.

The highlight of  the trip was to see my mom`s face when she saw Y.  The surprise was a great success!  My mom`s beaming smile was so bright and showed Y why she was able to  make such a big trip  all by herself. 

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Corner View---Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time there was me,
a girl with a crown!
God loved me so, and like every child this I knew.

But as I grew up, and without noticing it, I no longer wore my crown.
It was never taken off by God,
but only by my own sense of self worth that came from elsewhere did the crown come down..

Then one day I knew it was there again, God had shown me!
That I have always been his royal daughter.
Even those forty years when I was off in the wilderness* living my life without thinking of him,
he was there loving me and watching over me.
He even came all the way here to find me in Japan.

Now he has called me back to him and is my loving Royal Father in Heaven, faithful and full of goodness and mercy and grace.  To remind me, he keeps pointing out crowns to me everywhere !!
Now I have my crown again, and I want to remind you that you still have yours, as he is waiting for all his royal sons and daughters to come home!!

This story is a One-Year-Anniversary-of-my-Baptism story inspired by this weeks Corner View theme of Once Upon a Time!  

I found the above photo of me when looking through some old photos at my mom`s when I visited my family in NY this month.  The photo was attached to and under another photo and when I saw it `hidden` there behind another childhood photo, I had the sense of it being prophetic.  If I had found it even a few years earlier it would not have had the meaning it had for me today, as I am truly hearing God talking to me about crowns and returning as his daughter. 

Celebrating one year in Christ!!

The photo above is taken by my sister the other day during my visit to Long Island.    Taken on Easter, this photo feels like my one year baptism (one year in Jesus!) photo.
A long story that is beginning anew, finding who I am in God as a worship dancer and creative worshiper can be found in a related Corner View Post here from almost exactly one year ago).
May all your once upon a time dreams that you didn`t even know you have come true!!
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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Psalm Postcards--Happy Spring!

 Happy Spring!
ai kawarazu

Monday, March 9, 2015

Heaven from the Sky and on Earth

 I flew to Sendai this past weekend, that is a trip all the way from the south of Japan to fairly far North, the most North I have ever been in Japan.  It is the area where the big earthquake and tsunami hit almost exactly 4 years ago today (March 11, 2011).  I went for a conference whose theme was Resilient Tohoku and the symbol was Rainbows of hope.

At the cabaret, as part of the gala evening`s program,  three of us did worship dance with flags, to a song by Francesca Battistelli called Choose to Love.  We welcomed others  to join in, and the best part was as we got going, some did!  There were lots of other acts of love and kindness and there was joy throughout the weekend.  Kari, Vicki, and I called our group the Living Rainbows.

                                                                                                                                                                  We also did an improvised dance with flags and Kari`s bamboo sticks at Akiu, an onsen spot where we went for a day trip. 

 God released heavenly skies for the plane ride home---  rainbow colors and his purple Majesty! A nod that he had been with us, watching and bathing us in his presence the whole time.
Wishing you a week filled with rainbows and blessings for all, with prayers for Tohoku.

ai♡ kawarazu

Friday, March 6, 2015

Girls Girls Girls

We bring out our display of dolls for `Girls Day` (Hina Matsuri) each year. 
This year it is also Y`s graduation from Jr. High School.  Today was her graduation!

 Now it is still the period called `ju-ken` where students wait to find out what high school they get into after months of studying for the big entrance tests.   Y still has one test to go.  Even though High School starts in a few weeks, she is one of many students who still don`t know yet where they will be going!

She took a break from studying for our at home girls day dinner.  I am getting pretty good at making  chirashi sushi, clam soup, and sakura mochi, the girls day special foods.   I started trying to make them years ago, and get to `practice` each year.  So we enjoyed a traditional Girls Day colorful feast!

Even though its a big deal to take the big boxes out of the closets to set up the dolls display each year (they only are out on display for a week or so), I am beginning to like it more and more each year.  Maybe because Y is growing up and as she quickly goes back to her studies and the world of her friends, I recognize the preciousness of having a girl at home to celebrate with. 

Pink Peach blossom and yellow Nanohana are the flowers of girls day

This year Heart-shaped chirashi and clam soup!

Y only allows me to take her picture from the back.

Sakura Mochi-I still need practice, but it tastes good!!

Happy Girls Day to all!  
ai ♡kawarazu

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Corner View--Love in this Corner

Home-made Happy Set
Even the buns
are made with Love!


Happy almost Valentines Day!!  Love in corners around the world can be found at this weeks Corner View. Thank you Francesca for hosting, Jane for founding, and Kari! for the theme this week, Love in your corner.

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