Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Watching a Family

A girl in pink shorts and a gray shirt.
No, they're pants rolled up.
Her father picks her up and pretends to throw her in the water.
Yasu's running to me. Her feet on the boardwalk.
"Look", she says.
"You found shells?"
"I found crabs. I want to go look at the people fishing".
I tell her to go with to-san.
While I sit on this boardwalk with my feet on the stones, looking at the stone wall.
On Sakurajima.
Sounds of a bird.
Of the Japanese mother,
of the child. I-ko, i-ko, i-ko.
the ferry goes out and a smaller child waves, her feet are on the edge of where the sand and ocean meet.
Mi-te, mi-te, Kimochi iii.

The sound of the wind.
"Mom, let's go."
Yasu is calling me.
Back to my family.

Joanne Yoshida, Aikawarazu Life in Japan

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