Friday, September 30, 2011

coming of the new moon

Little moon
Little moon
do you have
a Letter
for me

Joanne Gover Yoshida


John M. Mora said...

"C" - that's good enough for me....

"conescou" in brick red

april said...

the moon had a letter for me :-)
what a surprise. thank you very very much dear magic moon postman from jgyland. i like our special invisible connection. full of energy and fine but strong like spiderwebs. and it feels so good. it's a feeling like you're supporting and inspiring me from distance. thank you from my heart dear friend. namaste and om shanti*i'll dedicate my yoga class tomorrow morning to you*

jgy said...

Hi JMM, and Cheers!
Hi April, and Thank you, I feel your support and inspiration from a distance too, and the distance feels closer at this moment reading your words:))
To the magic moon and special invisible connections...
PS today I saw a Sunbow*

* a rainbow on a clear blue sky connecting two clouds

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