Monday, October 3, 2011

one challenge: to accept "this is me" and go fully into it

Thank you to all who came to First "Shake Your Soul/Kripalu Yoga Dance" evening in Oita, Japan and with gratitude around the world.

ai kawarazu


le blÖg d'Ötli said...

A big question ;) and something (sometimesà really difficult to accept!

jane said...


flowtops said...

I haven't been doing yoga that long yet, but it feels like a natural continuance of the Zen meditation I've practiced for years, like I've picked up where I left years ago.

Combining yoga with dancing must feel heavenly!

Acceptance is key, acceptance and letting go.

This is the awareness running through my veins as well.

Glad you had such a lovely time!


Tzivia said...

How fabulous is this! What a joy to see these images of joyful dance, and you at the center making it all happen! Mazel tov!

Francesca said...

that is a big challenge, sometimes a life-long one!

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