Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Corner View--Light, Castle Park Night

The other night there was a candle light night at the Castle Park. One funny thing about living in Oita is there are some wonderful events that must have been planned for a while, but which just seem to happen and we just stumble upon them...the candle light night was one of them.

School children made paper lanterns that wrapped around special candles that burn for a long time. The papers had messages for Japan in light of the March 11th earthquake about togetherness and a bright future. Must have been over hundreds of lanterns lining the park for a night walk...and one almost half moon shone just above the castle.

I was glad Ikuko was free to take a walk with me after she finished work at her Life Gallery Hana just by the Castle Park. Our walk became like a meditation as we followed the lights around the castle and the moat. Her smile illuminated the night as well:)) And maybe mine too?!

Happy Light filled days to you. Lots of light around the world at this weeks Corner View.

ai♡ kawarazu


Theresa said...

So beautiful!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

hey now, that is wonderful!
you know what is really weird?
listen, it grabs me too.
since i met tzivia, i can now honestly state, you and your sister look alike! i mean, you really are sisters!
and, erm, you have similar smiles!


Ötli said...

Magic light.

Dorte said...

how beautiful ... and your smiles too :)

flowtops said...

Paper and light - beautiful combination.

I love your smiles.


Don said...

A wonderful way to share the light!

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