Saturday, February 4, 2012

Donut in the Moon

Here's a story from today.
Maybe a better title could be "Moon in the Donut". I think you will like it:))

After Y and I enjoyed our donuts in the shop which makes natural doughnuts,
we got one to go for the moon.
One for the road.
I liked the sound of "one for the moon".
We choose the "nature" flavor for him and once outside in the parking lot I held it up for him to take in. He's eating it, he's eating it, the moon's eating the doughnut, I screamed to Y and asked her to take the picture, if she could get it with the moon right in the middle of the donut.
I was getting very excited as the sunlight and the early afternoon moon mixed together and shone through the middle of the donut. Y was a great assistant as she asked me to move my hand higher and higher so she could catch the moon right in the middle.

I looked at the photo she took, she did a good job with the placement, but the moon looked so small. When I was experiencing it the moon looked so big, or at least as big as the actual life size size of the donut hole, if you can imagine this.

"It's so small", I said to Y.
"I can't make the moon bigger", she said.
Oh, but you are such a good photographer, I said, really believing she can do anything.

Soon after as we were on our way to the train to go home, we saw a 1 yen coin lying on the ground. Y said it's lucky, let's pick it up.

"I can make 1 yen bigger if I take a photo" she said confidently.

"What? You can make 1 yen bigger but not the can that be..." I challenged her.

"You can't move the moon", she said.

We got on the train and laughed all the way home about this and some of the other funny things that happened today. And don't forget, if you are going to offer food to the moon do it soon as in a few days he will be full. (ha ha ha)

ai kawarazu


Ötli said...

Now, I know I can eat the moon :)

jgy said...

Hi Otli,
YOu know what's funny?!
Now after this day of the moon in donuts, I see your little graphic of the calligraphy with the dots, in a new light,
it's looking like the little moon in the donut!! Just there is one extra dot, maybe that is another moon who got away:))

Have a great night!
And PS on my sister Tzivia's blog there's a French movie in the comments section! I wonder if you know it?!



Nelson said...

Hello! My first visit, will visit you again. Seriously, I thoroughly enjoyed your posts. Congrats for your work. If you wish to follow back that would be great I'm at
Thanks for sharing!

Janis said...

Oh, I still have a smile on my face from reading this post! How precious your relationship with your daughter - and with the moon. Love your point of view, your openness to magic and nature, your imagination... Your daughter is so amazing...she's really something special...too ;)

p.s. Loved waking up to your comment this morning. Thank you for that...xoxo

la ninja said...

ha! you two should be the main characters in a novela... and I loved this chapter!

Kaylovesvintage said...

hi,is that you
no donuts for me, but a lot of japanesand korean food with some yoga

enjoy you taste of the moon

Ritva said...

ai! :)

Tzivia said...

The best part is that Y has a mom who believes she can do anything! Lucky girl, that Y. Lucky mom, you :)
But please tell her that her feminist Aunt Tzivi says that the moon is female (just ask Marge Piercy!)

ibb said...

Moon, sun and donuts...with a bit of chocolate...
Love that little story about making things bigger...just getting closer ;)

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

full to the brim that moon shone, and it carried a few natural doughnut crumbs, all the way to here... yumm!

natsumi nishizumi said...

このまえ、フルムーンだったのかな? とても、奇麗な月をみましたよ。。

jgy said...

Thank you sweet all for sharing and enjoying the moments :)
and the crumbs:)♥

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