Saturday, November 17, 2012

New Moon Meditaton-- abstracted


(left a shivananda (cookie) on the balcony sill for the new moon)

(text deleted, leaving space instead....)

From somewhere that I could not see, the 2-day moon
was smiling at me!

How is the weather for you?  Enjoy the new moon from wherever you are!

aikawarazu jgy

A lotus for you, a Buddha to be.
--- Thich Nhat Hanh


:) said...

It's cold as well... but I never pay attention on weather. Sun makes "Tomare" in my mind :)

Janis said...

I woke up thinking about the earth and sun and how amazing it all is. Now you've got me thinking about the moon...and how amazing it is too! xo

jgy said...

Thanks :) I like the idea of keeping warm from tomare `sun`! Yes, Janis it is so amazing that moon!
Beautiful that you wake up thinking about the earth and sun. Happy radiant days both and to all!

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