Thursday, December 6, 2012

Corner View-Serendipity


A Serene Dip in an Rotenburo (foreground) overlooking the Bay (mid-ground)
after a Bo-nen-kai with Yoga Nakama at the Nen-Matsu.

ai kawarazu JGY

Vocabulary notes: 
Rotenburo 露天風呂: Outdoor Hot Spring Bath 
Bo-nen-kai  忘年会 :`Forget-the-past-year` (End of the Year) Party  
Nakama  仲間 :group of friends or acquaintances
Nen-matsu 年末 : Year End

Happy Serendipitous end of the year Days!! 
Dip into Serenity around the world at this weeks Corner View

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This week I also posted a CV-themed post on my Tomare blog, please make a serendipitous trip there if you should fancy to stop by!  And if you are looking for places to keep warm,  visit another corner in Japan where Greg posts all about onsen (hot springs) at Onsen Addict


♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

now that is what i call floating in style, and the kind of floating i shall always favour. goodness, this must be real powerful, joanne...
i would love to have that kind of ritual at the end of a year.
love the word play too, by the way, how could i not?

:) said...

Here is the method to explore serendipity ;)

Heather said...

A soak in hotsprings would be paradise to me! I'd hesitate with the floating minerals, but I'm sure I'd only hesitate for a second and then hop right in!

Susanna Redeker said...

What a great way to see serendipity!

Tzivia said...

Ahh, a serene dip ity do da :) I love that play on words ... and would love to take a dip in that tub :)

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