Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Corner View--Potato and...Ume!

Potato and ume
Corner View is a weekly appointment with bloggers around the world, hosted by Francesca in Italy, founded by Jane in Spain.  This weeks theme `potato and...` is from Ibabe in Spain.

One thing I love about being a part of Corner View is that I find myself doing things in my real life for the sake of my virtual life... like today, I carried a potato  to the park with the idea of putting it on a carpet of red Tsubaki leaves that I noticed earlier in the day.  I thought I would take it (the potato) on a little adventure, for Ibabe who chose the Corner View theme this week.  Even though Ibabe and I have never met in `person`, there is some wonderous connection when I go on little adventures for her in my neighborhood, looking for ginko leaves or, like today, going to photograph a potato and.. something.

On the way to the red carpet of leaves that I intended to photograph, I saw that the ume (plum) tree was almost fully blossoming!!  In February the ume trees always take me by surprise, their flowering is so exciting to see as they are spectacularly delicate and sensual against the almost spring skies.. and they are so fleeting, even moreso it seems than the cherry blossoms.  This year I hadn`t even noticed they had begun to bloom, so when I passed them with the potato I know my photo for this CV would be `potato and ume (*pronounced oo-may)`. From there it was like a love affair, the potato revealed a heart on its surface, and the buds of the ume tree reached out to touch its heart.  I was bathed in the sun light between branches and feeling the radiance of the love that was happening as potato neared the buds.  Thanks to Ibabe and corner view, this very real moment filled my being with happiness and connection.

Then things got steamy when I got home, I had to make dinner for me and Y who would be home soon  and I steamed the potato with some carrots, added plum to the rice and once again the love between potato and plum overwhelmed my senses and filled my being, this time literally, as Y and I enjoyed the evening meal.

I can`t wait to see what you found to go with potatoes where you are!

Happy February days, visit  Corner View starting with Francesca for potato tales (and maybe some chips!) around the world...

ai kawarazu


Don said...

That potato really gets around!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

ume here comes from a jar, unfortunately, but at least we get some.
potatoes? ha! a-plenty!

love how you make it all happen, jgy!

dorteinmalaga said...

I was going to say it was one lucky potato until I saw what happened to it at the end of the day :)

ibb said...

Thanks for your potatoe photo session...I am to send some words...soon...
Love that bloowing there is too much water...
Enjoy the week

Francesca said...

Perfect end for a potato story! And I'm with you, there can be so many connection between the virtual and the real world, this is the great and unique side of the internet.

Tzivia said...

How did the potato taste, by the way? Was the flavor richer for its adventures?

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