Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dance Walk Japan--a hoy! (a blog?!)

With bicycle,  my daughters i-pod that she now says I can have, and a cameraman who I feel comfortable with to experiment in expression...this year is beginning to feel like `a year of the dance walk` !  Please visit Joanne`s Dance Walk Japan, a new site I am trying out as a way to keep the dance walk videos (most of which you have seen here and there!)  in one place...I would love to hear your thoughts...its a new experience in progress. Thank you for your comments along the way and for sharing in the process. time won`t you dance with me♡

Of course, I will keep posting them here too, but if you don`t see me for a spurt, you know where to find me...

*`techinical` advice sought!  ..if you visit the blog and have advice of a layout/template/way to post the videos more full size (they post so tiny there!) and for ease of viewing, please LMK!

ai kawarazu

Joanne Gover Yoshida
Aikawarazu Life in Japan 


Janis said...

You're adorable, you know that? These videos make me smile - oh and love how the man (a stranger?) joined you in your dance. Lovely!

happy new blog!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

don't ever stop your informative comments either! they make me smile, and they learn me a thing or two, on the use of your keyboard. when i look on mine, i find other possibilities, would you know??? hee hee...

your daughter says you can have her ipod camera? generous soul, and great understander, of course... ;)))

yes, here are a few technical reminders.
i can't visit your dance blog, for i need to be invited? this is changeable to 'all' in your blogger settings, unless you want it private! will you invite me though?

the video on here shows up with an add on 1/3 of the view, and i cannot delete it. usually i can open up a video and then change those adds by clicking on the 'close' cross. this cross is missing, perhaps for post reasons, but i can hardly see you!

my guess for bigger vids, would probably be a bigger camera... is that a worthwhile derivation?

by the way, i always really love the just befores and afters, when you prepare for dancing, or when you end. those tiny moments are precious, because, so real, so human. you know what i mean.

munching on a chocolate, by the way.


jgy said...

Oops, thank you n♥, I will go and change the settings now! and thank you for the other technical advice, I will address it properly and write you again, for now want to be friendly and open the blog for readers!!!
Thank you sweet Janis, about the man...will keep it a secret and see if anyone else would like to guess!!

Teresa said...


Is the man in the video the cameraman?

jgy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jgy said...

yappari (after all) more fun to keep it a mystery..
--the author

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