Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Corner View--Stunning Architecture and an invitation to Earth Day

image by Koube (こうべ

I love the simplicity of the torii `gates` that can be seen in front of shrines all over Japan.
It is a basic construction of post and lintel and often they are painted in a bright vermillion.  Except in the case of Shinto shrines, where they are left in their natural materials.
I am drawn to this simple construction and the way it is a `frame` for something beyond, and for a view that is always changing.  This quality is one of the things that I was always attracted to about Japan, and the architecture associated with Japan, even long before I visited here or knew I would one day live here.  I suppose I find `stunning` in simplicity when it comes to architecture.

This image is a drawing by Koubee(こうべ), an Oita singer and songwriter.  It is the cover of his new CD single.

Koubee, I hope you don`t mind I am posting your cover!!
And the song to go with it!

To readers who are in Oita, next Sunday April 28th is Earth Day in Beppu Park and we will be participating with Shake Your Soul Yoga Dance, along with Koubee`s accompaniment on guitar!
If you are from out of town or country, by all means come too,  I will take you around town to see some of the stunning architecture in Oita and surrounds!!
 Meanwhile for more stunning architecture around the world, visit this weeks Corner View.
Francesca, host Jane, founder,  and  Nadine, theme thanks!

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Beth said...

The gates are stunning in their simplicity and style. I have seen examples in the Japanese Gardens in one of the cities I visited many years ago in my 'other life'(my first marriage).
So lovely and peaceful.

Heather said...

Often, the simple things are the most beautiful, aren't they? Wish I could be there for your Earth Day celebration. Dancing in the park sounds like so much fun!

:) said...

For me, torii gates are doors to Heaven ;) Beautiful and lovely idea :)

simply bev said...

Thank you for teaching me about torii gates...and for the fun video too!

likeschocolate said...

We are going to Asia next year! I can't wait! It is going to be so amazing to see all the new architechture types.

Theresa said...

I like how you interpret the gates as frames. Or thresholds you walk under to be transported somewhere else in your heart, right?
He has a very sweet sound, I like his music. Come say hello, I wrote about beauty and music today too :)
Have fun dancing!

ibb said...

Lovely open gates to new experiences ;)

Menthe Blanche said...

The torii symbolizes Japan for me! So beautiful...

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

yes, please; i'll be there. thanks for the invite.

and ooooooooooh christo too..
were you in new york at the time of his gates in central park, because these torii do remind me of his art exhibition. i mean, i wasn't in new york, but i had the greatest luck of watching a full length documentary on this work a few years back, and i shall never forget it.


Francesca said...

a gate as a frame, instead of a barrier - which is what we associate gates with - is a beautiful concept, and a different kind of "in and out".

Cobalt Violet said...

I didn't know what they were called but I have always loved images of those gates! Wonderful image you chose! Happy earth day!

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