Monday, July 8, 2013

before the matsuri! dance walk

Just after the rainy season
and its the Summer Festival season in Japan!
There is an expression in Japanese that says `ato no
(translation:  `after the festival`)
It means something like `after the fact`, or `too late`...
I took a spin on the expression and wanted to see what happens
`Before the festival`...
When the booths are setting up, the crowds have not yet set in,
and the streets are like a stage set ready for anything to take place.

I also like the idea that during the summer festival, the gods from the shrines are let out and paraded around the streets on an `omikoshi` or ` portable shrine`.  It is a time when a lot of wild energy is let loose and a perfect time for... a dance walk!

Please enjoy this `Before the Matsuri` (before the festival) dance walk!
Thank you Shintaro, for the filming and for holding on tight to the camera when I come into a little danger at the end of the last scene!

Happy Summer Days!
Let the god and goddess in your heart come out to play!!
ai kawarazu


Teresa said...

Reminds me of when my son and I arrived "too" early for a New Year's Eve festival in Nagasaki! I esp. liked the editing at the end of your video.

jgy said...

Hi Teresa,
Thanks! So you know the early mood of the festival streets!
Maybe we can make a new expression!
I like the `expectation` in the air...

thanks for noticing the editing this time too, actually I thought of you when finalizing the video and thought hmmm. perhaps I should do more editing through out and splice in other festival scenes... but I ended up leaving it just as a surprise at the end.
Still want to edit more on the videos as I sense they must be long for viewers, thank you for watching to the end!
I am always grateful for your feedback!! Happy summer days to you!♡

:) said...

I like these "full of joy" moments :)

ibb said...

Too hot here...cannot sleep, just stay without to see you move!

jgy said...

Thank you :) and ibb for stopping by and for watching!
Looking for a cool breeze here too, and for something cool for you!

love from hot summer Oita days!

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