Wednesday, August 21, 2013

like a prayer, edited version

During an art exhibit this weekend hosted by my friend Yumi, 10 artists exhibited works.  I put in my first `yoga drawings` with a mermaid theme.  It was a long time since I participated in an art show, and it was a fun and new experience to return as the `I ` that I am today.  The theme of the show was `Watashi` which is the Japanese word for `I`.  Everyone has their own uniqueness to express, and the works (which felt much in the spirit of play) ranged from photographs to childrens drawings and Japanese crafts, to art made with light.

Yumi, who curated and produced the show, had a feeling I might gravitate towards the light...
At the last day of the show, we had a mini event where I collaborated with Daniel, the fractal light artist  and we invited visitors to watch a noon light dance.  (Noon time Light and Dance Collaboration).  It was completely improvised on the spot...the dance had a personal expression for me too, as it was a chance to re-connect with a beloved friend who died exactly two years ago.  This period was also the holiday of O-bon in Japan, where the spirits of the deceased are said to return to meet with us here, so it was amazing how through dedicating the exhibit to our friend Luca, we could really share and connect with him.  Wow, right?!  Living in Japan has given me a new way of seeing life and death, dark and light... though maybe I would have come to learn about them wherever I am...?

How is your summer?  Where are you now? (in any sense of the word!)
A smile and love, hope you enjoy the video!

ai♡ kawarazu

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At home again...full moon days...summer is going....

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