Wednesday, December 25, 2013

gingerbread highlights

Making gingerbread has become a tradition in our Japan `house` since Y was small.  I wanted to give her an American tradition, even though I never had gingerbread as part of my tradition.  We started when she was around two and now she is 14!    It used to be a one day of making, and somehow this year I realise I have been making gingerbread all month!! These are some highlights…
Starting with the new moon,  a Mt. Fuji and `torii (gate) gingerbread for the moon`…a Nataraja (maybe the first ever Nataraja in gingerbread?!)
... today as the month and moon are nearing the end,  I made gingerbread in yoga poses and a whole new batch of gingerbread came together and made a `WA`.

WA is a `circle` or ring and it is the national `kanji` for the upcoming year in Japan.  Every year a Japanese character or `kanji` is chosen to be the theme for the year.  `WA` was chosen in honour of the 2020 Olympics and in the spirit of people joining together around the world

輪 = WA

Written with another Japanese character, WA 和 means `harmony`.

Wishing you a  joy-filled holiday season, and a year (this will be the Year of the Horse!)   
that is filled with harmony in a sweet circle of love!

one of the highlights--NATARAJA in gingerbread!
gingerbread in yoga poses
Y`s gingerbread for Santa

Santa left some crumbs!
Gingerbread WA

PS  the recipe, it`s here!
(for more posts on our gingerbread making,  click `gingerbread` in the labels below at the end of this post!)

ai ♡kawarazu 


Teresa said...

Your cookies are amazing! I love the yoga poses, but they are all great. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

ibb said...

Love it....looks really amazing. And the smell arrives till here.
Hope you enjoyed a lot!

jgy said...

thank you Teresa and Ibabe! So glad the smell reaches around the world:)) thanks both for being in the circle of friendship! Love,♡

Francesca said...

you created a beautiful and unique american-japanese tradition! i wonder how your daughter will carry it on, and how it will evolve with time.
merry christmas and happy new year to you and yours!

Lucinda Keller said...

Yummy and so cute! I've never done gingerbread but I think I need to bookmark this for next year and go for it!

Hope you had a beautiful, magical holiday!
Blessings and light to you!
Happy New Year!

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