Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Corner View--Renewal--Girls day and Spring Buds!

Spring is all about renewal, I love the branches of the cherry trees now all bare but with just a little sign of the buds appearing, before the blossoms there feels so much potential, the winter giving forth to spring, no wonder all the poems and songs and love stories in this season!

the cherry blossoms before they blossom...the castle reflected in the moat

March 3 was  Girls Day in Japan.  As the spring giving forth to buds and blossoms, it also is the time to celebrate girls (and soon boys on May 5th) in Japan.  One sign of renewal is taking the big cardboard boxes out of the closet that we store all year long with Y`s Hina Matsuri Dolls.  It is a tradition to set up the dolls display each year a little before the holiday and leave them up until just after March 3rd.  The dolls are smiling to be out of the closet, in the light, radiant in their kimonos.

I read a little about the history of Girls Day (the actual name of the holiday is Hina Matsuri).  At first the dolls were made of paper and people would give away their sicknesses, worries, sins, and anything else they want to clear away to the dolls, then set the dolls adrift on the river to carry away all the sickness and misfortune away, thus renewing the spirit for the new season at the start of spring.  This custom gave way to the more `permanent` and fancy dolls display that are popular now and since the Edo period.  I like the ephemeral nature of the earlier custom.  But its also a special treat that we have the dolls display from my husbands family that was given to Y at her 1st dolls day 14 years ago!

We had a traditional Girls Day feast of Chirashi Sushi and Sakura Mochi.  This year I made both, next year I decided I will have a girls day party since I have gotten pretty good and these two dishes and want to share what I can do!

My girls day boast, is that I can now make both chirashi sushi and sakura mochi!the blossoms for decoration are ume (plum) from the castle park, as the sakura are not quite in bloom…the plum blossoms bloom first and are now scattering petals on the earth…

Say goodbye to the dolls as they get ready to go back to the closet… and hope you are feeling renewed for spring, though the days ahead are said to be a cold spell here in south Japan.

Happy Corner Viewing! Thank you Francesca for hosting, Jane for founding, and Karyn.. for the theme.…this weeks theme is renewal.

Ume (plum) butterfly!

Y`s dolls on display…a momo branch in front (peach blossom! )

my homemade chirashi sushi, now I know why its called chirashi,  as you `scatter` the ingredients
on top of the vinegared rise, its the same verb as the word that means scattered leaves, so this year I could
feel the connection between the petals on the ground and the scattering of various ingredients on the sushi rice..

Y allowed me to take one picture only!  here she is!!

Happy Girls Day!!
ai ♡kawarazu


Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Lovely tradition! Thank you for sharing it with us.

simply bev said...

I've never heard of Girl's Day! And what lovely dolls! That's a beautiful collection.

Susi-Art said...

i only know about woman-day ~8th of March~ but there is not a man-day...
and you have a boy and girls day! great!
the food really looks so nice...i wish i could eat it ;-)

Teresa said...

The food looks great (I'm hungry now!) and your daughter is beautiful.

ibb said...

lovely girls atmosphere...blooming trees...
Those dolls....great!

dorteinmalaga said...

what a lovely renewal tradition .. and the scattered sushi looks so delicous :)

Heather said...

What a nice tradition - I love the history of it.

likeschocolate said...

I love the concept. So glad spring is knocking on your door. It looks like we might get some spring weather this weekend.

Francesca said...

i remember you writing about this years ago, Joanne! I think your cooking, and having leaned all the recipes, must be the perfect way of celebrating the festivity!

flowtops said...

Those dolls are so beautiful!

Girls Day sounds like a nice tradition.


Lucinda Keller said...

Oh, I'd love to see the cherry blossoms in bloom there, someday … I've always wanted to visit Japan. These pictures add to that desire! Sigh ..

Happy Spring to you!!!

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