Friday, March 21, 2014

Girls Day Dance Walk--This is what makes us girls

Hi and thank you so much for your comments on my Corner View post this week!
I love those moments of connection and being able to have a conversation back in the comments section.

As promised, here is the video!!

I felt like I was transported back in time to the streets of old Japan, and at the same time through the dance walk was able to enjoy being purely in the moment, in play in the here and now.

I hope you will enjoy it to the end!!  ( don`t miss the scene of me jump roping in a kimono…surprisingly it was easier to move than I might have imagined, or maybe it is not the clothing that constricts us but our frame of mind?!)

Thank you Venus♡

Happy Weekend, Happy First Day of Spring!
ai♡ kawarazu


Teresa said...

All so beautiful! I love your hairdo too -- it looks great on you.

jgy said...

Thank you Teresa!♡

ibb said...

Love love, although I am not pink girl...but love those shoes...and socks!

Greg Goodmacher said...

I loved the skipping section.

Maybe you could start a kimono-wearing yoga trend, too.

Keep on being an individual.

Anonymous said...

arigato. so nice to have met you in the garden today.

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